About Saigon@Saigon Expats Forum

About Saigon Expats

Who we are?

We used to be a member of Phu My Hung & An Phu neighbours - using Google group mailing list in 2010. Thinking of building a new channel that’s more convenient for communication we decided to establish Saigon Expats web-based forum in 2012

We are also the owners of 2 Facebook groups, they are An Phu Neighbours & Phu My Hung Neighbours. These groups have over 20 thousands members.

What our strengths are?

Through our above community channels and years of collecting and accumulation, we currently own high quality databases of not only Expats but also high-income Vietnamese. All contacts can be grouped by age, gender, location and interests

What we can do?

We will help you to reach the correct target audience with high interaction & engagement. The investment budget is reasonable & we only count based on real efficiency.

What our advertising platforms are?

Our advertising platform include:
  • eDM (Email Direct Marketing)
  • Advertising banners
  • Facebook Ads - Custom Audience
  • Gmail Sponsored Promotion: to advertise through Gmail channel. Import list
  • Google Display Network: to display your ads on multi-websites which are our network

What is the cost?
It will be calculated based on actual advertising efficiency. That means it will count only on the real traffic of web visitors or the total of engagement on your Facebook page. Or total registrations such as participant in minigames, membership registration...

How to see the actual performance figures?
By installing Google Analytics for your website, it’s easy to view report in detail. It helps you to view traffics from which sources

Please contact us: saigonexpats.net@gmail.com
Hotline: 0913959601